A Way of Creating Music

An incredibly hot day of recording, listening and creating music on Sunday. We experimented with synths and drums to try and lay a base for a new track, along with recording lyrics for Isolation Explosion and waffling around the subject of Ideals.

A new track called Final Forecast was added to the selection of tracks. The development of most of the tracks is generally done by one of us working a rough and taking it as far as we can then handing it over for the other one to work on. The tracks sometimes change completely and other times it undergoes a few tweaks. A track like Breaking News was worked up and completed in a day and Isolation Explosion, one of the first tracks, has been nibbled at since October 2013. We will now move to complete the tracks we have done so far.


Vocal Focus

We got together for an enjoyable evening yesterday, the first time since our weekend session in May, to catch up and generally move forward with the tracks. A large amount of time was spent working on recording vocals for Dark Light and Isolation Explosion, recording each verse and chorus in batches of three, overlaying two tracks to give a richer sound and the third as an enhancement. We have both been working on lyrics, some of which were used to replace the ‘holding’ lyrics on these two tracks along with a page of spoken words used on The Sun Implodes (pfft!).

We also continue experimenting with vocal effects (many hours spent twiddling virtual knobs!) and recorded ‘found’ sounds, including Cable Avoidance Tools and broken boilers! There have also been a few more tracks added, giving us around 15 to 16 tracks to develop and select for the album.


Dark Light

A new track called ‘Dark Light’, the ninth that will be included on the album, moved fairly quickly to its completion. The listing so far is below.

  • Isolation Explosion
  • Eco-terror
  • Words
  • A New Conversation
  • Breaking News
  • Turn Right And you Have Reached Your Death
  • Dark Light
  • 24 Hours
  • The Sun Implodes (pfft)