NSE Tom and Adrian Icons

The music of ‘No Side Effects’ is a mix of electronic, synth pop, funk and a sprinkling of jazz using vocals, found sounds, samples, electric keyboards, guitars and live drums.

The themes sprinkled through the music, writing, art and podcasts (so far) delve lightly into religion, life and death, media, global warming, perceptions of reality, depression, understanding, reasoning and the end of everything.

‘No Side Effects’ is a collaboration between two artists, Tom Haynes of ‘Grasslands’ and Adrian Wallington of ‘Two Short Planks’. The musical partnership was born out of a chat about creating music during the consumption of a few quality ales in a pub in Berkshire, UK in September 2013. Since that day they have been developing their first album, the debut single of which was ‘Isolation Explosion’ released in September 2015. The new album called ‘Reinventing Failure’ is due out in 2017.


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